Who we are

The Refugee Rights Hub was fully established in September 2018 to help refugee families based in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Our primary aim is to fill the gaps in legal assistance created when the UK Government withdrew Legal Aid. We provide eligible individuals with full access to essential immigration services and legal support throughout the application process.

The services we offer are free of charge. The Refugee Rights Hub will never ask for payment and our goal is to reunite families with those they have been forced to leave behind when seeking sanctuary.

Since our formation we have helped more than 1000 family members from all over the world in making applications to join loved ones in the UK.

Where we are based

How we can help

At the Refugee Rights Hub, we work directly with refugees who are applying for family reunion in the UK. Our role includes:

  • Interviewing refugees and their family members overseas
  • Checking eligibility and advising on the process and evidence required
  • Assisting in completion of online and paper forms
  • Helping refugees to compile bundles of evidence
  • Preparing witness statements and covering letters
  • Supporting families throughout the duration of the application process
  • Advising on related issues which can arise from the application process
  • Referring refugees to other relevant agencies following on from the decision

Our experience tells us that we aren’t always able to bring families the ‘good news’ they are waiting to hear. But we promise to be professional and caring in our approach and do everything we can to support each and every applicant.