We need your help to keep reuniting refugee families. At the Refugee Rights Hub, we offer free legal support to refugees in South Yorkshire to navigate the complex process of family reunion. Since 2012, it has not been possible to provide this refugee family reunion using legal aid, so the Hub offers a service that very few organisations in the private and third sector can.

A family holding hands in black and white

We support our clients from the start to the end of their reunification journey:

  • Advising clients about their eligibility for reunification routes
  • Gathering evidence in support of their application
  • Completing and submitting family reunion applications
  • Overcoming the logistical challenges so that family members can collect their visas and travel to the UK
  • Appealing refused applications


While the legal work of our caseworkers is generously funded by the Sheffield Hallam University Helena Kennedy Centre, our clients will often require DNA tests, translations, expert reports, and other disbursements to make their case. These are costs that many of our clients are unable to afford themselves.

That’s where we need your help.

Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. Together, we can ensure that no family remains torn apart by conflict or persecution.

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