D was a political activist and he was forced to flee his country of origin, leaving behind his wife and two children. Despite a family tragedy and considerable regulatory hurdles, we are delighted to report that D has been reunited with his wife and two daughters.

D fought for democracy and access to education for all regardless of economic status. However, he was forced to leave his country alone due to an increasing repressive and vindictive regime.

As soon as D was granted asylum in the UK, he began the process of family reunion. When he left, his wife was pregnant but she lost the baby after being beaten by the authorities who entered her home when looking for D.

A further complication in reuniting the family was that one of D’s daughters is in fact his niece who was taken in by D and raised as his own child after the tragic death of his brother.

The Home Office considers her a ‘de-facto child’ rather than a biological child. This means that a lot of extra evidence is required to prove the relationship between the parents and the child is genuine.

The Refugee Rights Hub was able to support D in submitting all the required details and happily his wife and both children were granted visas to join him in Yorkshire. They arrived during the pandemic, which made the flights extremely difficult and costly, but they are finally together and beginning a new life.