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Case Study: A’s Story

A was forced to flee Sudan as his life was at risk, leaving behind his pregnant wife and young child. Staying in regular contact with his family during his difficult journey was hard, and he was moving from place-to-place seeking safety for almost two years. However, once A arrived in the UK he was able to be in contact with his family more regularly as having a mobile phone was easier. He arrived in UK in 2017 and was granted asylum just over two years [...]

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Case Study: D’s Story

D was a political activist and he was forced to flee his country of origin, leaving behind his wife and two children. Despite a family tragedy and considerable regulatory hurdles, we are delighted to report that D has been reunited with his wife and two daughters. D fought for democracy and access to education for all regardless of economic status. However, he was forced to leave his country alone due to an increasing repressive and vindictive regime. As soon as D was granted asylum in [...]

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Case Study: P’s Story

P’s story is ongoing. After a tortuous journey she successfully claimed asylum for herself in the UK and now lives in Yorkshire. The Refugee Rights Hub are currently offering P the legal advice and support she needs to bring her son, aged 16 to the UK after many years apart. P was forced into marriage as a young child and had two children with her ex-husband. When she could no longer face her ex-husband’s abuse, she was left with no alternative but to flee the [...]

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Case Study: J’s Story

J fled from his country of birth in South Asia following persecution and illegal detention without trial. After more than five years of applications, setbacks and appeals, we are delighted to report that today he is living with his family in South Yorkshire and they are rebuilding their lives together. Although J has a wife and three children, he was forced to seek asylum in the UK just for himself. The process took five years and after numerous delays he was granted refugee status in [...]

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Case Study: F’s Story

The Refugee Rights Hub played an important role in reuniting F and her family in the UK. Her story is harrowing and disturbing. It is a vivid illustration of the vulnerability of refugees worldwide who risk everything in their attempt to reach sanctuary. While a teenager, F was separated from her parents and siblings when the family were trying to board a boat in the middle of the night in chaotic scenes on the Libyan coast. F did not succeed in boarding the boat and [...]

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